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Call it local artisan hand-crafted sustainable liquid compost that makes soils, lawns and plants thrive. Because that’s exactly what it is.

I started Bando Organics back in 2000 as a local organic lawn and landscape company. Years later, it remains true to its mission.
The company was named after my original business partner, my wonderful dog Bando. He’d come along with me to some of those first jobs, share my lunch and just hang out. Sometimes for fun, he’d give a quick chase to a squirrel or a rabbit.
Since then, I’ve worked with lots of different Madison-area homeowners, and some places you might know – Olbrich Botanical Gardens, the Centennial Gardens at the University of Wisconsin and many others.
They all have one thing in common. They all have healthy soil. When you think about what makes lawns green and lush…and what makes garden plants thrive, it all comes back to that – the soil. At Bando Organics, that’s what matters most.
I start with a natural liquid compost called compost tea. I make it myself, right here on the east side of Madison. With training, experience and passion, I make sure it’s exactly right for your lawn and plants. How? With a microscope and lots of local ingredients. Different mixtures and components produce a custom result, designed to improve the balance of your specific soil.
And here’s the important thing – no chemicals. It’s completely natural and organic…and the most environmentally friendly way to achieve thick, lush turf and healthy plants. You might actually notice some bees and moths – a sign that the bigger ecosystem is healthy again.
So if you’d like to talk about a safe and organic way to improve your lawn and garden plants, call me at 608-255-1079.